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#43: Aleyda Solis

Episode Summary

In this episode, we chat with Aleyda Solis, International SEO consultant, speaker, author, as well as Founder of Orainti &


We discuss:

  • How she studied as a system engineer in Nicaragua and got her Masters in E-Commerce from the University of Salamanca in Spain
  • How her studies led her to become a web designer which eventually led her to SEO
  • Going from agency to in-house to becoming an independent consultant
  • Founding and managing her businesses
  • Her SEO FOMO newsletter
  • Building her personal brand
  • Public speaking, keeping up with her hectic schedule
  • Why she loves travel (and food)

And much more!

In the news

Deep dive

Finally, we have a deep dive into the topic of YouTube and Video SEO and Aleyda shares tips that she’s learned from her YouTube series Crawling Mondays.

#38: Andrew Cock-Starkey

Episode Summary

In this episode, we talk with Andrew Cock-Starkey (better know as “Optimisey”). Andrew runs an SEO consultancy out of Cambridge, England working with clients all over the globe. He also runs one of the most popular SEO meet-ups in the UK.

Andrew's background

We talk about:

  • How Andrew’s career began 20 years ago as a broadcast journalist working at the BBC with a focus on cricket and fut ball
  • How the emphasis placed on creating fresh and timely content around the sports stories of the day really opened his eyes to the power of building traffic online
  • His time as Web Editor as Newsworks
  • His management of the website for the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC)
  • How it all led him to found his own SEO consultancy Optimisey
  • What it’s like running the Optimisey SEO meeting
  • His Optimisey YouTube video series
  • And more.

SEO news

This episode's deep dive

And last but not least, we dive into a few overlooked SEO fundamentals including:

  • How often simple analytics configurations seem to be overlooked
  •  The use of site monitoring tools and how they can help businesses

#25: Ross Hudgens

We talk with Ross Hudgens about the founding of Siege Media, entrepreneurial challenges, video SEO strategy and more.

#5: Cindy Krum

We talk with Cindy about how she got into SEO, the founding of Mobile Moxie, SERP “Fraggles,” the challenges of being dyslexic, and more.

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