SEO Reporting

#47: Bill Sebald

Episode Summary

In this episode, we talk with Bill Sebald, Founder & Partner at Greenlane.


We discuss:

  • How he began doing SEO in 1996 selling CD’s on eBay
  • Working for a major music publisher
  • Getting experience with an SEO agency
  • Then eventually founding his own agency Greenlane
  • The challenges of building an agency
  • Finding employees who are the right fit
  • His stint as an adjunct professor at Philadelphia University

And much more!

In the News

We talk about:

Deep Dive

Finally, we deep dive into how to make better SEO reports in which we talk about everything from KPIs and data visualization, the art and science of presenting results, to speaking the language of your reporting audience.

Also read Bill’s article on “How To Make Better SEO Reports for Your Campaigns

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