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#50: Dan Leibson

Episode Summary

In this episode, the Season 2 finale, we talk with Dan Leibson, Vice President of Search at LocalSEOGuide.


We talk about his passion for gardening, anything green, his family, and his goal to retire by 45. From a career perspective, we cover Dan’s background doing bulletin boards in the early 90s, being online and connected his early days, his political science background, and his decision on whether to go to law school versus a career in marketing, why SEO ended up being the best decision for him, building the frameworks of an SEO service offering, and more.

In the news

Deep dive

Finally, we deep dive into Local SEO strategy, talk about the most important aspects of a good local SEO strategy, discuss the good and bad points of various local aggregator services, talk about local SEO misnomers, and more.

#41: Jason White

Episode Summary


In this episode, we chat with Jason White, Director of SEO at PMG, a digital marketing agency based in Fort Worth, TX (but with offices in Austin, Dallas, New York, and London).

We discuss:

  • His passion for cycling and how he went from working at a bike shop to SEO.
  • His time both in-house and at agencies
  • Why he believes his best fit is within the agency environment
  • Doing SEO on eBay
  • Local search
  • Being a jack of all trades
  • And so much more!


In the news we talk about:

Deep Dive

  • We have a deep dive biggest SEO challenges. To paraphrase Frank Costanza of Seinfeld, we got a lot of problems, and now you’re gonna hear about them!
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