Impostor Syndrome

#43: Aleyda Solis

Episode Summary

In this episode, we chat with Aleyda Solis, International SEO consultant, speaker, author, as well as Founder of Orainti &


We discuss:

  • How she studied as a system engineer in Nicaragua and got her Masters in E-Commerce from the University of Salamanca in Spain
  • How her studies led her to become a web designer which eventually led her to SEO
  • Going from agency to in-house to becoming an independent consultant
  • Founding and managing her businesses
  • Her SEO FOMO newsletter
  • Building her personal brand
  • Public speaking, keeping up with her hectic schedule
  • Why she loves travel (and food)

And much more!

In the news

Deep dive

Finally, we have a deep dive into the topic of YouTube and Video SEO and Aleyda shares tips that she’s learned from her YouTube series Crawling Mondays.

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