Gender Equality

#45: Luke Davis

Episode Summary

In this episode, we talk with Luke Davis, SEO executive at Adzooma.


We discuss:

  • Growing up in the UK, moving to the US and culture-shock that ensued
  • Growing up using computers and the Internet and how that experience pushed him to learn HTML/CSS on his own
  • How blogging eventually led him to a career in digital marketing, and how that led to SEO
  • The difficulty of landing his first true SEO gig
  • Optimizing for a PPC company
  • The challenge of finding his voice within the industry

And much more!

In the news

We talk about:

  • The impact of Coronavirus on the SEO industry as well as our personal lives

Deep dive

Finally, we have a deep dive into another important topic — diversity in the SEO industry.

#39: Carolyn Lyden

Episode Summary

In this episode, we chat with Carolyn Lyden, President and Lead SEO at Search Hermit.

Topics covered

Articles referenced

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