#49: Jessica Levenson

Episode Summary

In this episode, we talk with Jessica Levenson, Head of Digital Strategy & SEO at Netsuite.


We discuss our experiences during COVID-19, and how we’ve all been coping, and then we dive into Jessica’s background as a mom, Bostonian, sports fan, and our mutual love of the movie The Godfather.

From a career perspective, we cover Jessica’s background in science and mathematics, front-end development, and the intersection of her technical skills with her passion for content. We track her career arc and deep dive into her experiences coming up as an SEO, building a team at Tech Target, her new role at Netsuite and so much more.

In the News

Deep Dive

Finally, we deep dive into content strategy, talk about how to build your strategy from the ground up, execute the process end-to-end, how to create content that deserves a top ranking, and more.


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