#40: Garrett Mehrguth

Episode Summary


In this episode, we chat with Garrett Mehrguth, Founder and CEO of Directive, a search marketing agency for mid-market and enterprise brands.

We discuss:

  • How he went from college soccer star to Fiverr hustler to SEO
  • The founding of his business
  • His advice on how SEOs can begin to speak executive-level language
  • What it’s like to scale and run an agency and the pressure of being responsible for so many people
  • How he works to empower those within his organization
  • What it’s like to have to deliver bad news to an employee

And so much more.


In the news we talk about:

Deep Dive

Finally, we have a deep dive into why discoverability (not traffic, keywords, and links) needs to be put on an SEO pedestal.


Search Discovery: A Data Transformation Company



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