#24: JP Sherman

Episode summary

In this episode, we talk with JP Sherman, Enterprise Search & Findability Manager at Red Hat – the world’s open source leader.

I’ve always said that this podcast is primarily about telling the winding stories of where SEO’s come from and this episode may be the greatest example of that yet.

JP has one of the most diverse and interesting backgrounds of any SEO I’ve ever chatted with. His jobs before SEO have included time as an Archaeological Dig Consultant, a Psychological Operations Specialist in the US Army, a massage therapist, an autopsy assistant, a police officer and more.

We talk about:

  • How his background ultimately led him into a career in SEO
  • The intricacies of building an internal search engine and how it can be used for traditional SEO
  • Our challenging backgrounds and how our upbringings have shaped the people we are today


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