#21: Brian Gorman

Episode summary

In this episode, we talk with Brian Gorman, SEO Director at Go Fish Digital. We discuss:

  • How Brian went from being a freelance musician and music teacher to a career in SEO.
  • How he began his career as a link penalty removal specialist
  • The importance of developing an SEO specialty
  • What it was like to speak on his first panel
  • Dealing with impostor syndrome
  • How long-form content can lead to SEO success
  • Helping E-Commerce websites figure out how to handle sorting and refinements in an SEO friendly way.

Also, for tv and movie fans out there – we get THIS close to having a full-on episode in which we exclusively talk The Office, drop some references from the movie Old School, reminisce about how he may have missed an opportunity to form a boy band with his brothers, and even contemplate forming our own SEO music group!


Coming soon!


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