#16: Tom Rayner

Episode summary

In this episode, we talk with Tom Rayner, Digital Marketing & Strategy Consultant at Raynernomics and Co-Founder and Head of Digital Strategy at Yando.

Tom is my first interviewee across the pond and is based in London! Who-hoo!

  1. Tom’s beginnings as a copywriter and how that led him into SEO
  2. Why SEO still feels like an “add on” in many brands marketing strategy
  3. How to “win the hearts and minds” of clients
  4. The importance of looking at competitors to improve your own business cases
  5. Using a performance-based compensation model with clients
  6. The YoastCon situation and Tom’s Twitter rampage
  7. Sexual harassment, the conference circuit, gender equality, and inclusiveness
  8. Fighting Impostor syndrome and being okay with not knowing everything.

So get ready for what I think is a really valuable and informative conversation as we tell Tom’s SEO story!


Coming soon.


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