The Page 2 Podcast: An SEO Podcast

#60: Mark Alves

Episode Summary

We talk to Mark Alves, SEO Manager at GMMB.

Episode Notes

In this week’s episode, we talk to Mark Alves, SEO Manager at GMMB.

We discuss his beginnings growing up as a beach kid in Massachusetts, going to college for political science, and his first foray into digital marketing and SEO while experimenting on his wife’s church website in the 90’s. From there we talk about his time working as a jack-of-all-trades at Freddie Mac, his time doing freelance consulting, what it was like doing SEO for ThinkGeek, and how he transitioned into agency SEO.

For our core topic, we focus on doing SEO and analytics for non-profits, as well as the issue of agism within the search industry.

Finally, we wrap the episode up by answering our Twitter questions of the week and selecting the winner of a Page 2 Podcast t-shirt!