The Page 2 Podcast: An SEO Podcast

#45: Luke Davis

Episode Summary

We talk with Luke Davis, SEO executive at Adzooma.

Episode Notes

In this episode, we talk with Luke Davis, SEO executive at Adzooma.

We discuss growing up in the UK, moving to the US and the culture-shock that ensued, growing up using computers and the Internet and how that experience pushed him to learn HTML/CSS on his own, how blogging eventually led him to a career in digital marketing, and how that eventually led him to SEO. We also discuss the difficulty of landing his first true SEO gig, optimizing for a PPC company, the challenge of finding his voice within the industry, and much more!

In the news we again talk about the impact of Coronavirus on the SEO industry as well as our personal lives.

Finally, we have a deep dive into another incredibly important topic – diversity in the SEO industry.