#15: Janet Bartoli

We talk with Janet Bartoli about in-house SEO, agency SEO, consulting, speaking, and educating others about search.

#14: Nick Eubanks

We talk with Nick Eubanks about founding From the Future, starting Traffic Think Tank, technical SEO, intent optimization and more.

#13: Samantha Mayer

We talk with Sam Mayer about being an SEO with a content and broad marketing mindset, on-site search, content strategy, music and more.

#12: Dan Eng

We talk with Dan Eng about how we went from SAT Math and selling insurance to SEO, agency vs. in-house, impostor syndrome and more.

#11: Matt O’Such

We talk with Matt O’Such about going from a database administrator to SEO, doing content on massive scales, work life balance and more.

#10: My SEO Story

I turn the mic on myself to tell my full and *completely unfiltered* SEO story. SEO by accident, impostor syndrome and more.

#9: Joanna Galysh

We talk with Joanna Galysh about how to optimize for Amazon, ways to diversify your skillset, “reach” assignments and more.

#8: Margie Stahl

I talk with Margie Stahl about going from journalism to SEO, the content to SEO strategy journey, learning technical SEO and more.

#7: Jeff Louella

We talk with Jeff Louella, an amazing technical SEO about his 20+ years in the industry, how to get recommendations implemented and more.

#6. Nik Ranger

We talk with Nik Ranger, a brilliant SEO from Australia. We discuss her background as an electric violinist and how she got into SEO.

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