This podcast began in 2018 as an effort to tell the real stories of the world's best SEO's

Now in its second season, hosted by Jacob Stoops and Jeff Louella, the Page 2 Podcast is continuing as a study focused on the real-life people behind the growth of your organic traffic, their journey from a myriad of origin points into SEO, their best stories from the best and worst experiences of their careers, the unfiltered reality of what it’s like to be an SEO day-to-day in 2019, and advice for new SEO’s coming into the business.

Meet the hosts

Jacob Stoops Headshot

Jacob Stoops

Founder & Co-Host

Sr. SEO Manger

Search Discovery

With 14 years of experience in the SEO industry ranging from working with small mom-and-pops to Fortune 100 enterprise clients, Jake has seen a little bit of everything SEO has to offer.

His specialties including Technical SEO, Replatforms & Website Migrations, WordPress, and Content Strategy, but he’s experienced a little bit of everything at one point or another.

He’s also a dedicated husband and dad, tortured Cleveland sports fan, and a mob-movie lover.

Jeff Louella


Sr. Technical SEO Manger

Search Discovery

Jeff started his career as a web designer and developer in the mid-’90s, building soup to nuts web sites and email marketing campaigns. In 2005, Jeff started the Philadelphia Standards Organization to help educate developers on semantic HTML, modern CSS, and web standards.

In 2007, Jeff made the move to SEO as a Technical SEO Engineer. Coming from a development background, much of Jeff’s focus was on accessibility, performance, and indexability of websites. Today, Jeff is still a technical facing SEO but splits his time with analytics. Jeff also built a free chrome extension and automated spreadsheets to help SEOs with their daily tasks. These can be found at TheTechSEO.com

Jeff has been married for 15 years and has 3 awesome kids. If you follow him online, you will also learn about the plethora of his hobbies ranging from fermentation to drone aviation.

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