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#25: Ross Hudgens

We talk with Ross Hudgens about the founding of Siege Media, entrepreneurial challenges, video SEO strategy and more.

#24: JP Sherman

We talk with JP Sherman about his incredibly diverse background before becoming an SEO, optimizing internal site search and more.

#23: Jenny Halasz

We talk with Jenny Halasz about her 20 years of SEO experience, the ebbs and flows of her career, founding her company and more.

#22: Niki Mosier

We talk with Niki Mosier about going from designing WordPress sites to technical SEO, working with developers and more.

#21: Brian Gorman

We talk with Brian Gorman about going from a music career to SEO, link penalties, importance of developing an SEO specialty and more.

#20: Jennifer Wright

We talk with Jennifer Wright about going from social media to SEO, why SEO is like golf, content gap analysis and more.

#19: Starting a Podcast

A special Search Discovery collaboration with Jacob Stoops, Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson and Noah Omri-Levin talking about our podcasts.

#18: JR Oakes

We talk with JR Oakes about moving from a career in glass design to technical SEO, Beer and SEO, the tech SEO subreddit and more.

#17: Rel=Next/Prev

In this episode, I go on a rant about Google’s decision to retire the Rel=Next & Prev tags and what I think the ramifications are.

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